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Rebecca Paul

'We all come up against struggles in life sometimes, some expected, many unexpected and some that drop us to our knees.  It’s these moments when we often need some help navigating challenges.  I work with people to help them navigate life challenges so they can become stepping stones to a richer, more fulfilling life, rather than stumbling blocks that continually hold us back.'

Issues Covered

Trauma | Anxiety | Depression 

 Relationships & Couples therapy 

Personal Growth | Purpose 

Meaning & Direction

Gender & Sexuality | Grief & Loss

Motivation | Self Esteem 

Parenting | Clinical Supervision 


Internal Family Systems Therapist (Level 2)

Intimacy From The Inside Out Couples Therapist (Level 2 & Advanced Certificate IFIO).

Masters in Counselling

Diploma in Transpersonal Counselling

Diploma in Clinical Supervision

Graduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing

Bachelor of Nursing Practice

PACFA Clinical Counsellor

PACFA Clinical Supervisor



I have extensive experience over the last 15 years working with adults & couples in private practice.  I weave many modalities through my practice including western and eastern philosophies.  I specialise in Internal Family Systems Therapy and have completed Level 2  and advanced trainings.  I'm an eternal learner and love to continually update my knowledge and skills for my profession and personally.  We all journey, we all face hardship, we all have loss, heartbreak, pain, hurt, regret, sadness, anger, suffering, dreams, desires. Wherever you are on your journey, I look forward to meeting you there. 

uCouples Therapy

IFIO Therapist

Intimacy From the Inside out (IFIO)

IFS Couples Therapy 

IFIO Couples therapy is an IFS approach to couples therapy. I weave IFIO together with many other modalities I have studied over the past 15 years to provide a thorough and safe place for couples to learn how to communicate effectively and reconnect so they can have difficult conversations successfully.  I understand deeply what it takes for couples to come to therapy, it's  a big investment in time and money which can often be in short supply.  My aim is to help couples understand and develop the tools they need to navigate relational issues so they can eventually do this independently at home with success.

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