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Jo Howard

I’m here to help you go from so/so to great. I’m a natural coach, passionate about digging deep with all those I befriend, and work with, exploring possibilities and pathways for a more fulfilling, aligned and exciting life filled with true purpose. 

We get there by clearing the path, getting to know ourselves on a deeper level from a loving and compassionate lens, from our true Selves. Unveiling and unburdening all that is holding us back...

From here we can truly live. Purposefully and joyfully, creating the life you truly desire. 

Utilising decades of learning and skills with groups and individuals such as movement, yoga, law of attraction and most effectively IFS (Internal Family Systems). 


"Jo has given me one of the best sessions of my life.  Something I have been struggling with for ever, trying to heal and change.

I feel amazed! Light. Happy!

This is so radical this IFS. 

And Jo is very tuned in.

Highly recommended!"

-Lucie Van Leeuwen -IFS Practitioner and Zen Life Coach


Issues Covered

Transition | Life Purpose

Personal Growth | Healing | Women

Meaning and Direction

Physical Limitations and Symptoms

Feeling Stuck

 Inability or unsure how to go forward in life


Diploma of Dru Yoga

IFS Practitioner

Shiatsu, Therapeutic and Relaxation massage 

Chakradance Facilitator (not current)

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